Training Resource for Developmentally Disabled persons in Polk, Scott, and Montgomery Counties:

• 31,557 Adult training hours in independent living skills.
• 14,288 Preschool training hours.
• Residential services and training in independent living skills 365 days a year for nine adult women.

Sources of Revenue:
• $1,163,354 reimbursement for units of service, paid by the Arkansas Department of Human Services and Medicaid.
• $461,895 from client fees, local donations, PCDC Resale Store, and recycling services.

Employment Resources:
•  $1,079,375 annual wages paid to staff and adult clients.
•  29 full-time and 31 part time employees.
•  42 individuals with disabilities employed at the PCDC Resale Store and PCDC Recycling Center.
•  Medical Insurance and paid leave time for full time employees; USAble Insurance, Superior Vision, and AFLAC services available.

Resource for Local Business Revenue:
•  60% of supplies, equipment and services are purchased locally.
•  At least 86,539 miles of bus/van transportation provided yearly.  Gas, insurance and vehicle maintenance services purchased locally.
•  Food purchased locally for 19,000 meals, at a cost of $69,900 annually (PCDC and Avants Group Home meals).
•  Personal income of the developmentally disabled persons we serve totals more than $200,000.  Most of their income is spent in Polk County.