Ways To Give

Donations to our resale store 

All items donated to our resale store are used to benefit our organization.  They are either sold in our resale store, used in our organization, or recycled (if they cannot be sold) and the money received from the recycling is kept within our organization.

Donations to our recycling program

Memorials and Honorariums   Honor the memory of a loved one, a birthday, an anniversary, recovery from an illness, a wedding, or other occasion with a special gift. The amount of your gift will not be revealed. Your kindness will make two hearts happy: the one you honor and the one your gift serves.

Support our annual fundraisers

The Polk County Developmental Center periodically has fundraising events in the community such as a half-marathon called The Talimena 13.1. Supporting these fundraisers support The Polk County Developmental Center directly.

Direct monetary donations to The Polk County Developmental Center

All capital funding and ten percent of the annual operating budget must come from local donors.  Your tax deductible contribution will enable the Center to continue to provide work skill training, residential services, developmental training for preschoolers and a variety of other services to the intellectually disabled citizens.